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Fringe event- Art Squad Anarchy


Local interest and engagement with the Cartoon Festival has now grown to a point where independent Fringe activities are offered. Pip Bayley ran 'Art Squad Anarchy', a relaxed evening of life drawing, cabaret and burlesque performance.

Artists of all abilities went along to the Old Post Office with their drawing materials and various performers did a turn for them to capture on paper. As you can see from the photos they had fantastic material to work from! Well done Pip, and here's to many more. Regardless of ability, drawing from life is the best way to develop your skills so we encourage any aspiring artists and cartoonists to go along next time.

Find out about future events by looking up Art Squad Anarchy on Facebook, or check the Old Post Office events page.
Thanks to Bryan Deacon for the photos. All images are © Bryan Deacon (photos@bryandeacon.co.uk)

Artsquad Anarchy April 2016

Artsquad Anarchy April 2016 ©Bryan Deacon

Artsquad Anarchy April 2016

Artsquad Anarchy April 2016 © Bryan Deacon

Artsquad Anarchy April 2016

Artsquad Anarchy April 2016 © Bryan Deacon

Artsquad Anarchy April 2016

Artsquad Anarchy April 2016 © Bryan Deacon

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Tony Husband Talk

The festival began proper on Friday evening with a talk held at the Lion Hotel by Private Eye regular Tony Husband. 'Take Care, Son' is a book he produced documenting his father Ron's experience of Alzheimer's disease.

Tony spoke powerfully and with great humour, sharing cartoons from the book as he explained what inspired them. All of the illustrations in the book show things that happened to his father as the illness progressed. The title comes from the last words Ron said to Tony in the nursing home.

The book is unique; using cartoons to tackle a serious subject. Many families whose lives have been similarly touched by the terrible condition have found comfort from reading it, and indeed has become recommended reading by the medical profession. Such is its success a BBC animation is in the works, voiced by Christopher Eccleston and with a soundtrack by Elbow.

The talk was followed by a book signing and an opportunity for visitors to have a chat with the great man himself.
Nedless to say, the book comes highly recommended, and can be purchased;



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Can you ever have too many cartoons?

Of course not.

So, here's some random ones, chosen at random. Just cos we like 'em.clangers-curry-night

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Blogging has begun!

Cool!, That's the first blog page set up then.

Right! Time to get blogging ...

Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival has shedloads of cartoonists drawing stuff for free every year, and it's time these heroes of graphic humour had the recognition they deserve! Soon I shall be creating the Shrewsbury Hall of Cartoon Fame wherein the aforementioned shedload shall  have their details displayed for all to see. Gaze upon them with awe! Gasp at their multifaceted talents! Be amazed at how err, amazing they are! Yep. That's all coming soon.

Hah! It's easy this blogging thing. Have we gone viral yet?