Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival has been an annual event in the Market Square since 2003.

Does it cost anything to come to the Festival?

Events in the Main Square are not charged specifically, though we ask for donations to help support and continue the festival.

There is a small charge for some events, such as some talks and lectures

What happens to the Big Board cartoons after the Festival?

Occasionally they go off to form part of a touring exhibition. The Big Boards from the 2013 Festival with the theme of "Flight" went off to a long term exhibition at RAF Cosford

Can we buy a Big Board cartoon?

Yes! Just ask the cartoonist what price he or she would charge. A large percentage of the fee goes to support the Cartoon Festival.

Are the cartoonists all professionals?

Yes! All of them are professional cartoonists. Many of them have been cartoonists for many years producing work for such publications as Private Eye, The Times, The Sun, The Spectator, The Oldie, and numerous greeting card companies.

Do you pay the cartoonists for drawing the cartoons at your Festival?

No. All our cartoonists provide their skills for free! The Festival is regarded with considerable affection by the cartooning community and they turn up here just for the love of it really. We do provide their accommodation and food, but the cartoons they do for free. Bless 'em.